Public Works

Trash Pick-up and Additional Trash Bags
The Village of Annawan picks up ONE trash bag or container on Monday and Friday.  Additional bags or containers MUST be tagged with a sticker, $1.00 each and may be purchased at the Village Office and the Annawan Hometown Market.  There is a complete list of the garbage and waste codes in the Village of Annawan office.

Rental of Dumpsters
To rent a small dumpster call the village office (935-6226). Rental rates are $25 for one weekend; $80 for one month

Curbside Recycling Program

trash can sizes
48-gal, recommended for 1-2 people
64-gal, recommended for 2-4 people
96-gal, recommended for 4 and more
If one is needed please call Eagle Enterprises Recycling, Inc. at 309.932.2936
Their address is 510 SE Industrial Avenue, Galva, IL  61434
One bin per household (additional bins may be requested) and decals are provided free of charge and may be picked up at the Village office. Place all accepted recyclables in a recycle bin and place the bin on the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the pick-up day. 

Recycling collection is every other Friday unless there is a major holiday (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day) during the week, if major holiday falls on Friday, collection will be on Saturday. 

2021 Recycle Schedule (PDF)     2019 Burn Days (PDF)

Accepted Recyclables:
Newspapers and everything comes in the newspaper. Recycle your magazines, catalogs, hardback, paperback and phone books. Corrugated cardboard, including cereal and Kleenex boxes, no juice or wax lined boxes. Office paper, if you choose to shred please place in a separate plastic bag. No construction paper is accepted. Plastic #1 PET and
#2 HDEP natural and colored bottles identified on the bottom with chasing arrows “1” and “2”.  Recyclable plastic labeled #1 through #5 or #7 in the chasing arrows recycling symbol. Examples would be plant trays, plastic toys, political signs, flower pots, butter tubs, old trash cans, etc. We do not take Styrofoam. Recycle your aluminum scrap, foil and cans.  All steel and tin cans and light steel scrap. Only glass bottles are accepted, clear, brown, green and blue. No other glass is accepted. Plastic grocery or shopping bags that stretch, bubble wrap, stretch film, plastic film labeled #2 or #4.

Electronic Recycling:
For electronic recycling please visit Eagle Enterprises for hours to drop off at 501 SE Industrial Avenue in Galva or call 309-932-2936.

Large Item Pick-Up
Annawan leaders provide convenient large item pick-up (no appliances or electronics) the first Tuesday of each month April through November.  Questions please contact the Village Office.

Yard Waste Pick-Up
Yard waste is picked up every Tuesday, April through October.  The All yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, garden residue, and small twigs) MUST be in yard waste bags purchased for $1.00 from The Village or the Annawan Hometown Market.  Larger limbs must be cut into manageable pieces and laid next to yard waste bags. 

Snow Removal
No vehicles may be parked on public streets with 12 hours after a snowfall of three inches or more until the street has been plowed.  Owners are responsible for keeping their sidewalk free from snow.