Water and Sewer

Public Works Superintendent -  Mark Crosby
Water Department - (309) 935-6632
Email: Annawanpw@gmail.com

Quality of Utilities
Annawan's community water system has maintained perfect compliance for flouride treatment for the past 10 years. Annawan's expertise and diligence of the water department was recently recognized on March 10, 2014 by  Dr. David Miller, Chief, Division of Oral Health.

Information About Our Water/Sewer System
Our sewer plant was constructed in 1980 with a vision for the future.  Our capacity is 165,000 gallons per day and at this point we are averaging approximately 85,000 per day.  We have a 265,000 gallons per day capacity in the water department with a current average of 80,000 per day. 

Consumer Confidence Report

Water and Sewer Hook Up Fees and Rates
For current hook up fees for water and sewer, contact the Public Works Superintendent, Mark Crosby.

For Water & Sewer Rates and a complete list of the Water & Sewer ordinances, contact the Village Office (309) 935-6226.

Payment of Water/Sewer Bills
Meter reading, billing, and collection are all done by Village employees. All bills are sent the first week of each month and are due on the 26th of each month.

We have installed a new utility billing software program that will reduce the cost of billing and provide new features that will benefit all users.

Email Billing We can now offer email billing, to save time and money for the utility, please email annawanillinois@gmail.com with your request and be sure to include your email.

Method One to pay your Monthly Bill
We can now provide a link to view and print your utility bill online. It is a safe secure service that encrypts the utility bill until you enter your user name and password. This not only can save the utility cost of billing materials but also postage.

To register to view your utility bill online and continue to send your monthly payment by mail go to: www.ub-pay.com Municipality code: AnawanIL234 (this is the correct spelling)

Method Two to pay your Monthly Bill
You can opt to pay your bill online with a credit card or by echeck. There is a small service fee; this service fee in most cases would be less that a late fee or other charges you could incur if your payment was delayed. The service fee is accessed at $3.00 per $100.00 utility bill.

Method Three to pay your Monthly Bill
You can visit the village office, fill out an authorization form, bring a voided check, and your monthly bill can be automatically taken out of your account. You will continue to receive a bill for your account reconciliation purposes.

New to Town or Planning New Construction
Please call Mark at the numbers above or call the Village Office (309) 935-6226.