Police Department

Annawan Police Department
200 N. Meadow Lane
Annawan, IL 61234
309-935-6250 (office)
309-935-5544 (fax)
Email: annawanpolice@gmail.com

police sealAnnawan Police Department Mission:
To work with all residents and citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote individual responsibility and community

The Annawan Police Department and the public expect that all personnel maintain high standards of appearance and conduct. Law enforcement officers enforce laws and regulations circumscribed by local ordinance, state and federal law, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Annawan Police Department's powers to arrest, seize property, and interfere, at times, with the lives of citizens constitute a public trust. The Annawan Police Department regards this trust as vital and is gained by exemplary performance. Performance tied to the department's commitment to community-oriented policing values as reflected in our mission.

Important/Good To Know Phone Numbers
Emergency call only-911

  • Henry County Sheriff's Office (dispatch) 309-937-3911
  • Annawan Village Hall 309-935-6226
  • Annawan Fire Department (non-emergency) 309-935-6222
  • Henry County State's Attorney's Office 309-937-3582
  • Atkinson Police Department 309-936-7600
  • Geneseo Police Department 309-944-5141
  • Illinois State Police 309-752-4915
  • Kewanee Police Department 309-853-1911
  • Child Abuse Hotline 800-252-2873

Services Offered

  • Fingerprinting
  • Police Explorers (county-wide)
  • Crime Prevention Surveys
  • Senior Voices (check-on-me)
  • Public Speaking Engagements

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) I don't know what to do after I receive a traffic ticket?
(A) First, at the time of the traffic stop the Officer should have explained of what to do in terms of paying the subsequent fine or appearing in court. Furthermore, there are details on the back of the violators copies of the traffic ticket on the what, when where and why's.

(Q) If I receive a parking ticket, where do I pay the subsequent fine?
(A) You can the fine via USPS mail, check or money order or by coming into the Village Hall paying at the Village Clerk's office, via check, money order or cash.

(Q) If I need Police Service, who do I call?
(A) If you need immediate (emergency) Police service, call 911. If you need immediate non-emergency police service, call 309-937-3911. If you need non-emergency and Police inquiries service, call 309-935-6250.

(Q) If I see any type of suspicious activity, should I still call Law Enforcement?
(A) Yes! Call 309-937-3911 so that there can be immediate Police action or response. Any information you can provide to the Police dispatch can be very helpful. The details you provide about an individual(s) description such as approximate height, weight, sex, race, age, color of clothing and distinguishing features can be used during the investigation.

(Q) Are there ride-a-longs?
(A) Ride-a-longs are provided with previous permission from the Chief of Police with a signed "Waiver of Liability".

(Q) What can be done about illegally parked vehicles?
(A)-1 To report an illegally parked or abandoned vehicle on the street, call dispatch at 309-937-3911 and an Officer will be dispatched.
(A)-2 To report a vehicle parked on an paved or unpaved surface of private property and if the vehicle has been inoperable for over 72 hours on private property (missing essential parts like an engine, transmission, wheels, windshield etc.) call 309-937-3911. Please have the vehicle make, model, color and license plate along with the location of the vehicle.

(Q) Can an Officer open my vehicle if I locked my keys inside?
(A) No. We are unable to due to liability concerns